Friday, March 5, 2010

1940's Vintage Style finds - Hats

Lately my tastes in clothing have been taking on a vintage spin. I am really LOVING the 1940s style at the moment. (with a little 1920's and a little 1950's thrown in)

What were the styles then? What was popular and what did they like? My grandmother would have been in her 20s and early 30s in the 1940s. I know she would have gotten a huge kick out of my new clothing style passion.

First off: Hats, hats and hats!

I bought two hats from Minana on etsy
I can't wait to get them! (and I WILL be posting pictures!)

Here is the second one...a wool cap style hat with the netting! Tres cool!

I also fell in love with this hat from EcoCouture. The price isn't for the feint of heart. But it is really beautiful.

I also bought this little hat from Imaginuity, adorable, isn't it? It has a romantic, vintage, Parisian flare to it:

There is nothing boring about this Black Velour Bow Cloche hat from BoringSidney I can't wait to pick this hat up! It is beautiful and perfect.


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Stella Pesci said...

Thanks for including my hat in your list!
Stella xx