Friday, November 14, 2008

Winner Announcement for Sacred Herbals Giveaway!

Drum Roll please! The two winners for Sacred Herbals contest are:
Dream Bath Bomb - Digital Misfit said "SacredHerbal's Milk & Honey bath
sounds divine.The milk moisturizes and restores pH balance
while it gently exfoliates (lactic acid woo hoo!), and the
honey softens your skin leaving it smooth. It is not mentioned
in the shop, but honey is also a gentle antibacterial
agent, so it can also help sooth troubled skin."
(and she earned an extra entry by blogging about
the contest!)

Gaia roll on perfume
- Jenn said "Oh, I think I would love the
Gaia perfume! I love patchouli! Always have, always will I guess.
I was a hippie wannabe as a kid, because I was just a little too young.
So today I can be one if I wanna! Thanks for turning me on to her shop!"

Thanks for playing! Get ready for another great giveaway!
*winners randomly chosen by*

The next giveaway will be Celtic Goddess Jewelry
(yep that's me!)

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mrsb said...

Congrats to the winners!

Can't wait for a chance to win something you made!!