Monday, September 1, 2008

Featured Artist - Cindy Jerrell of Blackcatgraphix

I was browsing etsy today and low and behold, found a fabulous artist. I instantly fell in love with her work. I couldn't stop looking at these pieces:
Kuan Yin on The Calmed Sea and What You Cannot See

As you all may or may not know, I am a huge Kuan Yin fan and this is by far one of the best depictions I have seen to date. It is so beautiful, the way the artist used moth wings for her gown and the boat a thrift store find! Simply amazing!

"What you cannot see" really reminds me of the early philosophers and just really evoked a real sense of wonder and exploration! I will definitely be a customer in the future. I implore you to go to her store and look around, for she has many wonderful pieces to browse.

What does she say about herself?
"I am an artist and graphic designer living in the Deep South, USA, not too far from where Flannery O'Connor fed her peacocks.

I am inspired by the white face of the geisha/ghost/mask, which I cannot explain.

The images are archival prints of my paintings and wooden dolls. The dolls are escapees from paintings on wood.

When I make a painting on wood, the figure in the painting will always eventually command "hey, get me out of here" and I will have to saw them out so they can stand on their own, wire joints together so they can bend. Sometimes even make them clothes.

I recently completed some oil paintings on canvas - not scrollsaw-friendly. But even these want me to release them, so I photograph them, cut them out digitally and place them in new places. I think they just don't like having their options limited.

It's not easy being bossed around by art."

What are her customers saying?
"This print is awesome...I loved it so much I ordered another one. The colors are so vibrant...don't miss out on this wonderful piece."

"Absolutely wonderful image from a great artist! I'm telling all my friends about your work!"

"Beautiful print. Color is very intense. Even better in person. Timely delivery. Thank you for the gift. Wonderful to do business with."


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