Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Featured artist - Chris of Ideasign

Ideasign is a wonderful digital artist. I am lucky enough to own two of his ACEO's! Two of my favorite pieces are:

Wheel of the Year - Circle of Sabbats - 8 x 10 inch print and ACEO BOUNTY Goddesses Challenge - Goddess One (I own this one!)

What does this artist say about himself?
"I have worked for almost 15 years as a graphic designer and photographer for corporate America, but that is getting old...time for some changes!

I feel like I've had to constantly put my personal goals aside for the greater good of everyone else around me. Now it's time for me to do for myself!

This Etsy shop is about my work, my ideas, my art. I have put it off for far too long and lately, it's been overflowing. I can't seem to stop it anymore, even if I wanted to.

My art is somewhat eclectic in nature and no two pieces are the same (sometimes not even close), but it is flowing out of me like a spirit has taken over my body and my mind! No, I'm not possessed, so don't even go there...

During the warmer months of the year, I am busy taking photos of cool, classic cars and hot-rods. I get a lot of business making fine-art prints and displays of these custom autos and have so much fun doing it, it's almost like not "working" and more like playing. You may see some of these photos in my artwork from time to time because I believe in sharing the smiles you get from seeing them. Everyone loves cool cars, it's only the lucky ones that get to drive them.

Stay tuned for more stuff in the near future. I'm just getting geared up for more!!!"

What are his customers saying?

"Gorgeous! Beautiful print with amazing detail! The moth looks like it will just fly up off of the page! Love it! Thanks so much!"

"Another fantastic print, and as always extras! I cannot say enough about the quality and perfect this Seller puts into his work! Its highly evident that he has a gift, and the added attention to detail to both his pieces as well as his customer service is out of this world! I am so glad I am not out of wall space yet, because I will have a "reason" ;) to come back for more! LOVE LOVE LOVE! (and love the Seller too!) *smooooch* THANK YOU!"

"Absolutely some of the most lovely prints I've ever seen! Great colors and incredible detail- you will NOT be disappointed with these!"

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Elizabeth Staley said...

Chris is one of my favorite Etsians- I love his work and the prints are always really high quality, crisp, and beautiful! He's a wonderful artist and a great friend. :)