Thursday, November 20, 2008

Featured artist and photographer - Rats4scrappin

This one is for all you rattie lovers out there! The featured artist/photographer and animal rescuerer extroidenaire, Rats4scrappin! I bought the above photo from her shop! She has ratties in little outfits for every season, how cool is that? Also, she takes pictures of rescue dogs and cats that need a home. I love her work! Check out her shop

What she says about herself:

"I'm a scrapbooker (since 2002), and I spend time working with animal rescue including adoption and foster work. I have several rescued cats, rats, and even a dog. In fact, my rats are well traveled. I've had rats from all over the United States thanks to rescue organizations who will help arrange transport. I've driven several hours to rescue them, and then some have flown here. I love to photograph my animals and other scenes. I feel photography and scrapbooking go hand in hand so it's great I enjoy both.I am a member of Etsy for Animals Also several of my ratties have been from Huron Valley Rat Rescue. It's a rescue in Michigan, and the person who runs it has helped me schedule transports to get ratties here where I live (she's about 7 hours away)."

Here are what her customers are saying about her:

" This photo is adorable! Oliver is so cute! Thank you so much :)"

"Erin, Thanks so much for working with me on finding the perfect set of pictures."

"Thank you! The photo is beautiful!"

Friday, November 14, 2008

Winner Announcement for Sacred Herbals Giveaway!

Drum Roll please! The two winners for Sacred Herbals contest are:
Dream Bath Bomb - Digital Misfit said "SacredHerbal's Milk & Honey bath
sounds divine.The milk moisturizes and restores pH balance
while it gently exfoliates (lactic acid woo hoo!), and the
honey softens your skin leaving it smooth. It is not mentioned
in the shop, but honey is also a gentle antibacterial
agent, so it can also help sooth troubled skin."
(and she earned an extra entry by blogging about
the contest!)

Gaia roll on perfume
- Jenn said "Oh, I think I would love the
Gaia perfume! I love patchouli! Always have, always will I guess.
I was a hippie wannabe as a kid, because I was just a little too young.
So today I can be one if I wanna! Thanks for turning me on to her shop!"

Thanks for playing! Get ready for another great giveaway!
*winners randomly chosen by*

The next giveaway will be Celtic Goddess Jewelry
(yep that's me!)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Indie Spotlight and Giveaway - Sacred Herbals!

I found Sacred Herbals on etsy! What a beautiful shop she has! You can also find her at her main site

Sacred Herbals uses only the finest quality organic ingredients to create thier products. All of thier products are handmade and made to order, using only the finest organic essential oils and herbs. They believe in an all natural product that works great for the skin and makes you feel good too!

Sacred Herbals has donated 2 items for this giveaway!

Dream Bath Bomb:
We know there are two kinds of people; those that aren't "bath people" and those who just adore a long relaxing soak in the tub. Our Dream Bombs are for true bath lovers! These over-sized bath bombs might be better described as a total bath treatment, with moisturizers and a medley of fragrant essential oils; our bombs are the only thing you'll need to turn an ordinary bath in to a dream! Fill your tub with warm water; drop it in and watch the fizzing bomb dissolve and release its botanical goodness in to your bath! Once you try them, no ordinary bath will ever do again! Simply dreamy!

Gaia Perfume oil:
The namesake of this perfume blend, Gaia, an earth goddess, seems rather fitting once its scent is revealed. Though this blend is centered around our love of pure Patchouli essential oil, the full bouquet is only realized with the addition of the beautifully accenting tones from the wonderful and sweet essential oils we've included with it. We think you'll agree that Patchouli itself has never been this good….a blend truly worthy of a goddess's name.

Sacred Herbals Biography:
"Sacred Herbals started after continuous disappointment with skincare products that contained preservatives and other chemicals I can't pronounce! So I started making my own products from scratch with fine ingredients like rich butters and oils and fine quality essential oils. What I found is that my skin had never looked or felt so good! So I started to make products for family and friends and everyone loved them so much that I decided to make a career out of it. Today 4 years later Sacred Herbals is going strong and always coming up with new ideas for organic skincare. Check out our spa products for luxury skincare treatments or our natural perfumes for a special treat! If you ever have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us!"

What are her customers saying about her?

"I loved the sample so much I had to have the perfume. Nice packaging, plus a bonus treat! thanks so much!"

"Awesome fast shipping!!! Thanks so much!"

Contest Rules:
Please post your comments here, each post counts as one entry, then leave me a bit of information about one of her products from her etsy shop or from her main website don't forget to leave your email address in the comment so I can notify you if you are the winner! (or leave me some way to contact you)

Earn some extra entries for this contest! Blog about this contest on your own blog or website and post a link in your comment! Be sure to enter and tell all your friends! If you refer a friend and post their screen name in your post, you win another entry!

***This contest ends November 14th!

Winner announcement for Diva Pixie's Halloween giveaway!

Drum Roll please! The top three winners for Diva Pixie's contest are:

Halloween Ghost Pendant (IM Knotwell) - Angela 

Bottlecap Pendant #1 - Mrs B (Mrs B earned a ton of
extra entries by blogging about this contest
and referring her friends!}

Bottlecap Pendant #2 - Crystal

Thanks for playing! Get ready for another great giveaway!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Giveaway - Divapixie of Fools and Jewels

October Giveaway! Divapixie has generously donated THREE, yes THREE items to giveaway! We will have a first place, second place and third place winners, randomly generated by

Each pendant is Halloween themed, just in time for Halloween! There are two bottle cap pendants made using resin and confetti pieces. The third piece is a 1 1/2" x 3/4" (approximate) pendant made with Halloween button pieces encased in resin. All three pieces have 18 gauge brass wire bails and each one comes with its very own ball chain!

Contest Rules:
Please post your comments here, each post counts as one entry, then leave me a bit of information about one of her products from her etsy shop, don't forget to leave your email address in the comment so I can notify you if you are the winner! (or leave me some way to contact you)

Earn some extra entries for this contest! Blog about this contest on your own blog or website and post a link in your comment! Be sure to enter and tell all your friends! If you refer a friend and post their screen name in your post, you win another entry!

***This contest ends October 22nd!

What Diva Pixie says about herself:

"Hello, my name is Cindy. I'm a native Minnesotan who now resides in Dodge City Kansas. I saw a set of jewelry pliers in a clearance bin at Ben Franklin's one Christmas and thought they looked interesting... the results are here in my etsy shop. I am currently taking a Metalsmithing class at the local college as well to hone in my skills. I do take custom orders with 50% upfront for cost of materials and 50% upon completion. Any questions, comments or even if you just want to chat convo me. Have a sparkly day!!!"

What her customers are saying about her:

"Thank you so much for making this custom piece for me, it is fantastic! This was such a smooth transaction and you took the time to figure out exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend this etsian!"

"Wonderful Etsy User! Divapixie makes the most beautiful jewelry! This shop is a must to check out for original, gorgeous and reasonably priced handcrafted jewelry!!"

"I LOVE this necklace! It feels mine, like I have owned it all my life and worn it almost every day. It feels a part of me like my wedding ring. What can I say? Divapixie has outdone herself creating this peice for me. It is perfect. Thank you so much!"

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Winner Announcement!

the winner of Lizstaley's awesome custom made wallet is.... (drum roll please).....

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

1 = gentryart!

Timestamp: 2008-09-27 13:20:42 UTC

gentryart said...

"What a fabulous hip wallet! That is so neat, I just love it! The craftsmanship looks wonderful, and the artwork is beyond kewl."

Thank you to everyone that posted! Be on the look out for the next giveaway!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Featured giveway! - Liz of "the Realm of Nerdiness"

Liz of "the Realm of Nerdiness", fabulous artist and kafma maker extraordinaire, has generously offered to donate the above wallet (see more pictures at for my very first indie giveaway! I can give a personal testimonial of her products. I own the original Athleenia the Cow-Octo-Pirate Kafma OF DOOM and also I own the original ACEO entitled "Seeking Solace". I love Liz's ACEO's because they tell such a magnificant story, each one seems like a frozen moment in time. Each one evokes its own unique emotions. her artwork is wonderful, I highly highly recommend it!

And the Kafmas! What are kafmas exactly? Well let me tell you! Kafma is actually short for "Kute and Furry Mutliplying Aliens". They are small balls of fur hailing from a planet far away. All they do is eat, reproduce, make a pleasant purring noise, and get into crafting supplies to make costumes for themselves.

Please post your comments here and leave me a bit of information about one of her products from her etsy shop, don't forget to leave your email address in the comment so I can notify you if you are the winner!

Earn some extra entries for this contest! Blog about this contest on your own blog or website and post a link in your comment! Be sure to enter and tell all your friends! If you refer a friend and post thier screen name in your post, you win another entry!

***All entries must be received by 09-26-08***

***Gift card shown in picture, not included with wallet***

Here is what Liz has to say about her business:
"I grew up in Baltimore, but am now living in Greenville, NC. My mom got me into arts and crafts when I was really little (I wanted to help her paint ceramics when I was a baby, so she'd give me a paintbrush, a cup of water, and a rubber ducky. Took me awhile to figure out that it's supposed to change colors when you paint it though!). Ever since then I've loved to draw and create things.
I love to play with Photoshop, make ACEOs, sew, and come up with new geeky things to share with the world!

I have always loved for my drawings to tell a story, rather than just "drawing pretty pictures"- so you may see me draw certain characters multiple times. These characters usually have a personality and back story unique to them and are used for a specific purpose. I love for my art to be more than just a "picture" but rather a tale telling what that picture is and "who" is in it. I hope you enjoy my little stories!

My hobbies when I'm not creating things are watching anime, playing tabletop role-playing games (Dungeons and Dragons; Star Wars, etc), building web-pages, and playing on GaiaOnline[dot]com. I also have a gallery on DeviantArt and Flickr, both of which you can find with the user name lizstaley as well.

I find that I really enjoy blogging about my crafts as well! You can visit my blog at

In addition, I also write and illustrate a story that I publish to the web, and have been working on since I was a senior in high school. It's gone through many, many versions and updates, and I'm eventually thinking about having it published. You can check that out at" (Note from the goddess: Check this out guys, its tres cool!)

Here are what Liz's customers are saying about her!

"These buttons rock my socks off! Thank you so much! The shipping was super-fast too...Thanks again!"

"What an awesome Seller and her art and Plushies are too good to be true! As always, super quick shipping and wonderful packaging. I'll be back for more!"

"This is just the most amazing wallet, beautiful original anime artwork and so cool that it's going to make a wonderful gift for my nephew! Thanks for the extra buttons too. You rock, Liz! :)"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Featured artist - Chris of Ideasign

Ideasign is a wonderful digital artist. I am lucky enough to own two of his ACEO's! Two of my favorite pieces are:

Wheel of the Year - Circle of Sabbats - 8 x 10 inch print and ACEO BOUNTY Goddesses Challenge - Goddess One (I own this one!)

What does this artist say about himself?
"I have worked for almost 15 years as a graphic designer and photographer for corporate America, but that is getting old...time for some changes!

I feel like I've had to constantly put my personal goals aside for the greater good of everyone else around me. Now it's time for me to do for myself!

This Etsy shop is about my work, my ideas, my art. I have put it off for far too long and lately, it's been overflowing. I can't seem to stop it anymore, even if I wanted to.

My art is somewhat eclectic in nature and no two pieces are the same (sometimes not even close), but it is flowing out of me like a spirit has taken over my body and my mind! No, I'm not possessed, so don't even go there...

During the warmer months of the year, I am busy taking photos of cool, classic cars and hot-rods. I get a lot of business making fine-art prints and displays of these custom autos and have so much fun doing it, it's almost like not "working" and more like playing. You may see some of these photos in my artwork from time to time because I believe in sharing the smiles you get from seeing them. Everyone loves cool cars, it's only the lucky ones that get to drive them.

Stay tuned for more stuff in the near future. I'm just getting geared up for more!!!"

What are his customers saying?

"Gorgeous! Beautiful print with amazing detail! The moth looks like it will just fly up off of the page! Love it! Thanks so much!"

"Another fantastic print, and as always extras! I cannot say enough about the quality and perfect this Seller puts into his work! Its highly evident that he has a gift, and the added attention to detail to both his pieces as well as his customer service is out of this world! I am so glad I am not out of wall space yet, because I will have a "reason" ;) to come back for more! LOVE LOVE LOVE! (and love the Seller too!) *smooooch* THANK YOU!"

"Absolutely some of the most lovely prints I've ever seen! Great colors and incredible detail- you will NOT be disappointed with these!"

Monday, September 1, 2008

Featured Artist - Cindy Jerrell of Blackcatgraphix

I was browsing etsy today and low and behold, found a fabulous artist. I instantly fell in love with her work. I couldn't stop looking at these pieces:
Kuan Yin on The Calmed Sea and What You Cannot See

As you all may or may not know, I am a huge Kuan Yin fan and this is by far one of the best depictions I have seen to date. It is so beautiful, the way the artist used moth wings for her gown and the boat a thrift store find! Simply amazing!

"What you cannot see" really reminds me of the early philosophers and just really evoked a real sense of wonder and exploration! I will definitely be a customer in the future. I implore you to go to her store and look around, for she has many wonderful pieces to browse.

What does she say about herself?
"I am an artist and graphic designer living in the Deep South, USA, not too far from where Flannery O'Connor fed her peacocks.

I am inspired by the white face of the geisha/ghost/mask, which I cannot explain.

The images are archival prints of my paintings and wooden dolls. The dolls are escapees from paintings on wood.

When I make a painting on wood, the figure in the painting will always eventually command "hey, get me out of here" and I will have to saw them out so they can stand on their own, wire joints together so they can bend. Sometimes even make them clothes.

I recently completed some oil paintings on canvas - not scrollsaw-friendly. But even these want me to release them, so I photograph them, cut them out digitally and place them in new places. I think they just don't like having their options limited.

It's not easy being bossed around by art."

What are her customers saying?
"This print is awesome...I loved it so much I ordered another one. The colors are so vibrant...don't miss out on this wonderful piece."

"Absolutely wonderful image from a great artist! I'm telling all my friends about your work!"

"Beautiful print. Color is very intense. Even better in person. Timely delivery. Thank you for the gift. Wonderful to do business with."

New Opal bird ring sterling silver

Newest metal working ring! Bird ring with a black Australian opal. This is a size 10 and I am wearing it as a thumb ring. Orginally this started out as a size 9, however I overworked the metal and ended up liking it as a thumb ring.
This opal is really pretty. It flashes blue and green and a bit of orange in the right light and angle. In typical "Andee" fashion, I started out setting opals. These tricky little stones are fragile. I managed to drop this one about 100 times while setting this. Luckily, it didnt break, although I had to bribe my class mates to scrounge around on the floor searching for it a few times. LOL

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Expanded Pendulum Line from Celtic Goddess Jewelry

Celtic Goddess Jewelry is offering an expanded pendulum line for all your healing, divination and spell work needs!

The two more recent additions are a pendulum honoring the goddess Pele and a Native American Mother Turtle pendulum.

Be on the lookout for more unique pendulums coming soon to and dont forget to check out our newly updated website where we have uploaded new articles, chakra video meditations, and more!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Metal Working - Celtic Goddess Jewelry newest piece!

This piece is still unfinished, but I am so excited about it I HAD to write a bit in my blog. This metal sterling silver Lotus bracelet will have a solic lightening ridge opal set in the center (black with blue flash) I have not yet decided about the linkage, possible prefab chain with a handmade clasp. An opal clasp is probably too delicate in clasp form. After all opals have a hardness of 5 to 6.5 on the mohs hardness scale. (like glass)
I will post an update when this piece is finished!
So check back soon!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tree of Life - new sculpture by Andee Harston

This tree of life sculpture was a vision that haunted me for years. It embodies the idea of a darkness versus light ideal. The tree itself has a very earthy and dark feel, but the center has an amethyst druzy and each of the hands holds the secret to life, as contained in the nautilus shell (a reoccurring theme in my jewelry and artwork)This piece measures approx 19 inches tall, the amethyst is 2 inches tall, the base at the roots is about 7 inches wide. (more measurements to come soon)It is made from an armature, two types of clay, various paints and a protective finish. It has cracks and an aged look, just like you would imagine an ancient tree would have. Each hand is painstakingly sculpted. No molds were used. Recycled Styrofoam and wire was used for the armature. Please contact me for more info regarding this piece. Currently, I have this for sale in the USA only. International shipping isnt out of the question, but would cost considerably more. I am open to local pickup options.This piece is fragile and would be shipped INSURED at cost to the buyer. Andee

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Celtic Goddess Jewelry - Needle felted pocket goddesses

Recently I have discovered needle felting. Its very meditative and basically just another form of sculpture. You take roving (which is wool yarn before its turned into yarn) its a fluffy poof. Then you stab it with felting needles oh, like a million times.

This is an example of what I have done recently with needle felting. You can purchase these pocket goddesses on etsy

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thatsheadley - featured seller 32/90

Notes from the goddess:
I was completely impressed with this sellers work when I check out her shop. My absolute favorite piece is
Corazon Espinado Necklace
and also her take on the pea pod jewelry, a portion of each sale (specified in each listing) of the limited edition items in this collection will be donated to the Fisher House™ Foundation.

The Fisher House™ Foundation program recognizes the special sacrifices of our men and women in uniform and the hardships of military service by meeting a humanitarian need beyond that normally provided by the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.

What her customers are saying!
"This is adorable! I LOVE it. I got it for a gift but want to keep it for myself! My friend will LOVE it!!"

"I LOVE these earrings! They are just gorgeous and very comfortable to wear! Quickly shipped and carefully packaged! Thanks so much!!! :)"

Copied from sellers profile:
That's Headley! Jewelry Designs is about a journey in wearable art in semiprecious gemstones, wire, and glass. Color, texture, balance, and richness are my design goals. I've been "beading" since junior high, and for the last couple of years have expanded my use of wire wrapping. I've also added silversmithing to my techniques. Silver is always bona fide sterling at the least, and sometimes fine (99.9% pure) silver.

I rarely make two pieces alike, because I like to have fun wearing jewelry, and seeing myself coming and going is not fun! Sometimes, though, when something comes out especially wonderful, I might make just a few to share the fun. I love to do custom work, too, so if you have something inspirational you would like to have a custom piece to wear with or to, send me a picture or description of what you would like, and we can be creative together!

Mycatlulu - Featured seller 31/90

Notes from the Goddess:
I just found out about this seller through the 90/90 blog challenge and she does indeed have adorable and creative cards! I added her to my favorites immediately! I love the gocco seahorse cards and the gocco animal vanetines day cards! So run, dont walk and check out her shop for more adorable items.

What her customers are saying!
"Beautiful valentines card, for the special person in my life. Thankyou."

"mycatlulu creates such excellent art cards and buttons--fantastic! Quick shipping and new designs posted regularly...such a treat. Look forward to making future purchases!"

Copied from etsy sellers profile:
Lulu is one of the cutest cats out there. She has great big eyes and really soft fur. She reminds me of an anime cat, but only better–no crazy effects...though her purr could use a little more volume.

About me:
Professional facts:
BA in Art
Day Job: Desktop Publisher
Trained in Photoshop, Indesign, gocco, my medium format camera, black and white darkroom, and the color darkroom.

I am:
I'm lover not a fighter who enjoys the company of people, the songs of birds, and an occasional Mia tai. Don't like mean people, but really who would. Don't own bowling shoes, but I did play in a league when I was in 5th grade. Other than art, my passion is traveling. My last trip took me to Kauai, Hawaii...lovely

cigarboxbeads - Featured seller 30 of 90

Note from the goddess: Cigarboxbeads is up and coming on the etsy scene. I love her Beaded dolls and her amulet bags are beautiful as well, be sure you dont miss the chance to check out her shop!

What her customers are saying!
"wonderful little faces, and wonderful seller! great communication, so sweet and generous."

Copied from Etsy sellers profile:

I became a non-stop beadweaver when I purchased 3 vintage cigarboxes full of beads at a flea market---about 20 years ago. I'm still using those beads, plus a 'few' more I can not help but purchase!

I also knit, sew, crochet, decoupage and lots and lots of other stuff so some other goodies might show up here as well, along with beads!

I'm a retired Home Ec teacher, loved what I did, love what I'm doing now.

Beadweaving is my joy, along with knitting, crocheting, sewing AND being with our twin grand daughters. Not at the same time though, they love to 'help'! We do have 'crafting time' every day that I watch them, so I hope I'm instilling the love of creating in them.

PS- I just opened another etsy shop---suchandsort-go there to read where THAT name came from!

AND.....breaking news-- a new blog --