Sunday, December 16, 2007


The first seller I have to rave about is Morganstreet
Not only did she taylor my first order for a secret santa group, but her Lime and black Pepper soap is one of the BEST cold process soaps I have EVER used. And I am a self proclaimed "Soap Addict". I think I have ordered 4 bars now? She uses a process called "super-fatting". Which essentially means that she adds oils and butters to every batch. This soap is touted as being loved by the guys, but let me tell you from personal experience, the girls will love this just as much if not more. RUN, dont walk to Morganstreet's shop and buy your self a bar of this soap. Your skin wont regret it.

Next on the soap finds list is Seaspritesoaps. I have used her cold process soaps for a llloonnnggg time now. It is hard to find a match for quality and presentation. Recently I had the very good fortune to try her Rosemary Mint heel butter and her Rosemary Mint Skin Frosting. What a treat fit for ANY goddess!!! She has an entire basket ready for gift giving of an array of the rosemary mint products. Seaspritesoaps shop is also secret santa friendly. Also check out some of her other products too. Here are some suggestions: Vanilla latte Soap , Spearmint calendula soap, and the pink peppermint candy soap. Oh and dont forget to check out her blog!


Stephanie said...

Thanks for mentioning my Mint Basket and the Rosemary Mint goodies Andee! I appreciate it :)

CresceNet said...

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