Friday, November 9, 2007

Summersea - Featured Seller 9/90

SummerSea is one of my all time favorite etsy sellers. I actually found her "on my own" a while back. You see I love Bach Flower Remedies and wouldnt you know that Summersea makes a unique version of those! They not only have the flower essence, like Bach's version, but they also have unique gemstone energies distilled in them! Here is a brief overview taken from the actual listing...

"Flower & Gem Essences are a liquid blend of potentized water infused with the energetic signature of a plant flower or a crystal or gemstone. The essence contain the vibrational patterns of flowers and stones. These patterns help to heal imbalances in your body's energy systems on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels. Essences are catalysts for healing, helping you to be able to experience shifts in patterns of behavior, the way you view yourself and your place in the world, as well as very real physical changes. Most essences engage the healing process in subtle, yet ultimately profound ways. Some essences are formulated for very quick action, such as dealing with an emergency or panic.

To use an essence, you just take two or three drops under the tongue, in a beverage, directly on your skin, or in a bath. While a couple of drops may not seem like much, keep in mind that the vibrational patterns of the flowers and crystals will spread out to fill any container, including your body!
Essences may be used in conjuction with other healing modalities. There are no side effects or contra-indications, nor can they be neutralized by other substances. It is not possible to over-dose on an essence. Usually, an essence is taken for at least one month, then the healing process is assessed and adjusted."

The Valerian one is my favorite. I also personally recommend the inspiration and the earth magnet (for grounding).

Additionally, I have to speak highly of her resins and incense. I personally recommend the Magickal Prosperity and Abundance Loose Herbal Incense Blend. I love the way this burns and this blend is a great addition to many magical rituals or meditations. I speak from personal experience. Be sure you dont miss her bulk herbs and herbal teas as well! She is a true pleasure to work with.

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