Tuesday, November 6, 2007

NerysPurchon - Featured Seller 7/90

Note from the Goddess: Hey everyone! Just trying to get and stay caught up with the 90/90 challenge. I am so thrilled to be participating in this. I am finding some really fabulous indie finds for this holiday season! So get your cash handy, cause this next sellers purses are to dye for! (PS this is my favorite purse! I love it, check out the darling dragonfly!)

Copied from the artists etsy blog:
I am an Australian who lives with my husband and two dogs in a caravan travelling the roads, hills and beaches of this great country.

We call the Perth area home as we have children living in this area so visit often.

I am the author of 12 published books on herbs, natural healing, food and essential oils (goddess note: isnt that soooo cool!!! WOW!)

I have a blog http://gypsysoul-au.blogspot.com/ and a website www.neryspurchon.com

All my bags are unique and once a bag has been made it is never repeated but if you like a particular style of bag but want different colour, handles, pockets or accessories I can make one for you. Freeform bags take up to a month to make so some patience is needed but at the end of that time you will own a bag that is totally unique.

My e-books are a distillation of a long lifetime spent with herbs, essential oils and natural healing.

I am in Australia. All prices are displayed in US dollars. Australian prices are displayed in each listing description.

My store policies are in my profile. Please contact me if you have any queries.

My Blog:
My website:

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