Friday, November 2, 2007

My Fairy Babies - Featured Artist - 4/90

My fairy babies puts a lot of love and time into her items and would love for them to get a new home where they can be appreciated!

Excerpt from the artists blog:

"I am a happily married SAHM of two boys Celtic who is 5 Sheamus who is 1 And we are expecting a daughter due Aug 6th, her name will be Guinevere! Etsy~ Welcome to My Fairy Babies! Born out of frustration for not being able to find fairy items for my baby girl due to arrive in the next few weeks. My pregnancy of Guinevere has inspired me to find my creative streak again! I am very thankful for that as I have been missing it for quite sometime! My husband, I think, is wondering how to dig himself out of all the supplies!"


You can find her on and at the following web locations:

~Her Blog~
~Her Myspace:

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BebĂȘ de Soares said...

Very good! I see you are full of energy!! Keep up the good work!
all the best,