Friday, November 2, 2007

Giftbearer - Featured Artist - 3/90

Note from the goddess: This is one of my favorite jewelry artists on etsy. Her Softies line is so sweet and also her rainstick necklaces should not be missed! So be sure to check her out on all her venues!

Giftbearer, owned and operated by sole proprietor and jewelry artist Pippit Carlington, specializes in high-end indigenous jewelry drawing inspiration from nature and a variety of cultures close to the earth. Anything but primitive, its Contemporary Tribal style weaves a common thread through diverse, and exciting lines which challenge the boundaries between one medium and another.

The artist is strongly influenced by nature, political and social issues, and uses her art to educate the public. Recurrent themes of regeneration, resilience and enchantment show up in a number of forms to take the viewer on a journey of intrigue through the senses. The interplay of light, color, texture, and sometimes sound draws you into a rich inner world brimming with possibility.

"I approach each piece as a living being with a soul. If I can convey this essence to the viewer and have it speak to them on a deeper level then I have done what I've set out to do. I want my work to be more than merely an accessory, but something treasured with special meaning to the buyer, not necessarily in words, but in the same way you know it when it's true love."

With nearly 23 years in the business of making and selling jewelry, the artist has developed several distinct lines and the skills to render a variety of different techniques, using metalwork, beadweaving, fiber, and other mediums.

She is a perfectionist and nothing leaves her hands until it meets high standards of quality control.

You must hold these in your hand to truly appreciate them. Thanks for looking, but please touch! Something very special awaits you.

Give her a piece of nature with earrings made from evergreen sprigs, or maybe a "budding vine bracelet" with bright green Chrysoprase cabachons set in fine silver. Why limit yourself to the "everyday" (what everyone else is wearing) when you can have something nobody else has. A piece from Giftbearer is worth saving for.

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