Friday, November 2, 2007

earthcharms Featured Seller - 1/90

Earthcharms offers jewelry and other accessories made with natural stones, adding a strong emphasis on the metaphysical properties of each stone. Wonderful for personal use or gifts, the items you buy here are intended to bring luck, health, and prosperity into your life!

Earthcharms is living in a city full of country (or a country full of city?) and enjoying the strange mix of urban and natural settings.
Earthcharms has loved nature and stones since she was very young. Her father taught her the scientific side, and her mother encouraged the spiritual side.

She is a practicing Kitchen Witch with a love for the Celtic side of Paganism. All charms, necklaces, and bookmarks are lovingly put together by Earthcharms while her cat tries to do dances on her lap.

Along with stones she also adore: photography, modeling, singing, snarking TV shows with her friends, Scrabble, makeup, crazy cat behavior, creek walking, getting piercings, clothes, and buying CDs.

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