Saturday, November 24, 2007

Adopt an animal! Our newest family member - Carrot

I just posted my 19th indie artist feature Alilsumptinsumptin (see post below or click on her name to visit her shop). Anyway, she makes the most adorable animal beads and also belongs to an etsy street team called ETSY FOR ANIMALS (EFA). It inspired me to do a little write up about our recent adoptee "Carrot".

Carrot was found by a really cool girl named Julie. She was down in south Florida cleaning out her father's (who had just passed away) storage shed. Carrot, who had been dumped apparantly, scoped her out and came up to her. Stray animals have a unique way of picking the "crazy animal lovers" out of a crowd. So Julie tried to find his home to no avail. So she picked him up and took him to the vet, got him his shots, and took him home. Unfortunately, she has 2 senior doggies and, well, Carrot, being practically a pup, wanted to play with them. Needless to say they couldnt keep him. So Julies mom sent out a mass mailer with these pictures:

So you can see why I instantly fell in love with him. So I just wanted to give a big kudos to Julie for saving him, and another one to Julies mom for sending out the email. Also to Alilsumptinsumptin for being so involved in the animal groups that she is involved in.

Carrot is happily adjusting to life with us. Sleeping on the leather couch next to Nanook (the adoptee from the shelter) and just relaxing and getting to know us. He is a really sweet dog. The idea that someone would dump him really angers me.

So if you have a dog, make sure he is nuetered. If you dont, why not consider going to your local shelter or contacting your local rescue group? Even if you cant adopt, they always need foster parents or donations of time, money, food, ESPECIALLY this time of year.

Carrot at our house! He is so strong for his size! It is amazing. He is a "needy dog", which I love. Unlike our Husky (who I love too of course) who is very independent. How can you resist that face?!?!?


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Anonymous said...

Awww, how sweet! I'm so happy you saved Carrot's life! I believe that things happen for a reason and that you're both lucky to have each other.

Love that last photo - they're so palsy walsy on the couch. :o)

Thanks so much for sharing that heartwarming story!